Do you find heavier metal music meaningful to you? If so, what are some of your favorite lyrics?

I like Lamb of God for their politicking. They're very anti-war, anti-establishment punk.
Also they have a very metaphorical song about alcoholism.
"Sweetly she draws me into her arms. A liquid embrace to chase the day away. Sedate, numb, deaf and dumb"

Exodus has a song about how methamphetamine destroys lives, aptly named "Deathamphetamine"
"Lost everything you own, now waiting by the telephone for the dope man to come home. Your friends and family are sickened by your need for speed only driven too exceed. So many years, so little time for you to halt your life's decline. You've got to read the signs. Everything has come unwound, you've got to turn this shit around before you're six feet underground"
  • Yes, some of it has deep and meaningful lyrics
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  • No, it's all noise
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  • No, it's just lyrics made to fit the rhythm. There isn't any real meaning.
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  • I don't listen to metal
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  • The lyrics are in large part more like an effect than actual words, but the lyrics still need to make sense should someone read them or understand them.
    Death metal and black metal have the harshest vocal styles but the classics which don’t have the best production quality were still on point with their lyrics about death and isolation — ultimately being all about life, wisdom and freedom.


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  • If it's got a great sound and great lyrics I don't care what kind of music it is. But I don't think people would listen to heavy metal if they didn't relate or find some meaning in the words or sound. That's the point of music. When someone can write lyrics of a situation you relate, then they can sing and play it in a style that shows you they feel the story being told, that's when you got a really great song.


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  • "No, it's just lyrics made to fit the rhythm. There isn't any real meaning." It hit me hard to read this because I realize that i feel this way.
    They dont want you to understand the Lyrics, so they are Most likely Not there to have an Impact on the audience

  • Check out Make Them Suffer, the song First movement! Metal song about being pregnant and having a baby!

  • thank you, a fan of good music that understands the deeper meanings played along with great melodic rythems and tones.

    also reading the while reading lyrics I was humming the melodies.

  • Check out Arch Enemy. I've been really digging "The Race" lately.


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