Is Killmonger the MCU's best villain so far? Why/why not?


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  • I see him more as an antihero. He wasn't driven by some petty emotion, some unrelated tragedy that broke him, lashing out at random people (ok except his girlfriend and the purple flower woman which hurt me inside), believing he deserved something he had no right to etc.
    He wanted to save people in an extremely radical way to right past wrongs, punish those who wronged him and his people for centuries without so much as an apology. I see him like Magneto, who I also classify as an anti hero. Oppressed tired of oppression and want to weaponize their people versus outreach healing and helping.
    In the end, King T'Challa finished Killmonger's dream in a better way... which indicates to me that Killmonger was an inevitable result of a larger issue. The villain of the movie to me was colonization, lack of retribution, isolationism on Wakanda's part.
    His amorality made him a trash, evil human being but exposed the flaws of the heroes and pushed them to actually be true heroes in the end

    • Awesome, really well said! that's the same reason I think characters like Killmonger and Magneto are so interesting; They're shown as the outcome of the massive traumas they and their people have endured

    • Right! Radicalization is a result of social oppression not being confronted. And if their true enemy isn't revealed to them, don't be surprised when they create one and magnify the chaos of their lives until it engulfs the world. It's refreshing to see multidimensional villians where right and wrong aren't so straightforward

    • Exactly, the concept of right and wrong has never been black and white and is totally subjective. To have characters that bring that to light is not just interesting but necessary to stop stale, overtired strories

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  • Purple Man was the best by far, he was the symbol of a petulant child some one who always got his way like most people our age, also just the themes that surrounded him where relatable to a lot more people. Also much more intimidating with the power.

    • Oh God yeah, David tennant killed it in that role! he was such a sinister villain and petty person, it was really intense

    • I do like Killmonger as an idea like his politics I can see frighteningly resonating with a lot of liberals so it's a brave choice on Marvels part. I'd throw punisher for the first half of season two Daredevil but he is an antihero. I feel like Marvel should do more like question the morals type of hero's if they want to remain relevant.

    • I agree, showing the heroes as able to fail instead of being perfect beings

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  • Killmonger himself was quite boring. I prefer Hela, Loki and Ultron

    • I thought Killmonger was a good human villain. He definitely was more realistic. But I gotta agree Loki is awesome and Hela is a badass!

  • Arguably the best antagonist so far, with the charm of Loki a close second.

  • Probably not... sure a better one exist since I couldn't see the movie yet... but u know you question might get deleted..


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