What should I do?

For a while now I've been wanting to do something new. I want to create something bigger than me. However i dont really have a lot of passions. I love music, art and youtube. I really dont know how i could create anything out of that stuff.

I was in band and i sucked i had no idea what i was doing most of the time. I was in choir and i couldnt sing my part without someone singing it with me im not musically inclined.

Art wise i can only draw the same three things over and over. I dont have good enough art skills to turn the images i see in my head into art.

Youtube, the possiblity of me making any living off of that is so slim. But this is the only thing out of those three that i could do and possibly not suck at. I just dont think im good enough for it. I've always been a nobody. My graduating class i think there was only like 300 of us and there were a handful of people who didn't know who i was or they thought i was the other quiet girl. I have started a list of youtube videos that i think would be great. However if i did them i dont think i would grow at all.

My dream is to get paid doing something i love, working when i want to work. I want to be incharge of myself. So youtube would be great. I like working hard but i only like working hard on things that truly affect my life and things that i can see a change to. My current job yeah ill work hard but i dont feel any accomplishment or happiness from it. there's no appreciation.

I want to make youtube videos. But i have no idea how to start. I recorded myself a few times and watched it and it was just boring. I dont know what to say or how to start a channel.


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  • Start by becoming someone that is interesting... your just a dime a dozen now.

  • Be a care taker


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  • Maybe you can be a businesswoman. A businesswoman in charge of herself not others is in charge maybe in some point you need an adviser but most of the time you are a boss. Start a small business. And expanding it right through.


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