Have you played the latest Doom?

I have had so many issues with it from corrupted saved games to freezing on loading. the game that I have played so far is awesome but I can't proceed. what have you experienced?


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  • On what platform are you playing the game on?
    Have you update your console to it's current firmware?
    If you're on PC you might want to check your driver's but I'm not experienced with computers

    I've got the PS4 version of the game & the game takes a while for it to load from one mode to another

    • Pc. I wouldn't mind if it took a while but it freezes at 80% loaded and never returns

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    • I like the SNES soundtrack to Doom. If thos had been released later in the SNES life it might not have been as bad

    • No I purchased it through steam a year ago but I recently reinstalled it after I reinstalled windows 10

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  • I played it on the ps4 and it worked fine and was awesome

    • It is awesome until it stops working. That's what is driving me crazy

  • I have, never had any problems. I enjoyed it.


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