What is your opinion on me who play video games?

I've come across an increasing number of women who consider it childish and a waste of time.


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  • It's only bad if it's the only thing you do ever. I enjoy gaming quite a bit so a player 2 or somebody to look at puzzles I'm stuck on from a new angle is always nice.

    In an extremely awful example of the kind of gamer you shouldn't be. I had a friend who's boyfriend dropped out of high school, lived at home, never got a job, and just would game all day. My friend fucking made him a resume once when he said he was thinking of applying at the local game store for discounts. Then two days later asked if he'd submitted it and he yelled at her because she made him "look bad" on it and he'd decided he didn't want to work anyway. What made him look bad by the way, was the part where she included what high school he'd gone to. She oversold him a lot on that thing, put in stuff about how he was detail-oriented and good at making plans and shit when... he didn't do fucking anything. His parents would give him $300 a month and on their 5th anniversary he bought $300 worth of Skylanders figures and didn't even text her. He's the only one I don't like. Also he wasn't even good at any of the games he played so much. He was trying to go pro and I fucking obliterated him the first time I ever played Overwatch while just fucking around. Elite strategy my ass.

    She's dumped him by now but man was that hard to watch. She tried so hard and that dude was just a leech.

    • There's always those outliers. But you can't help those who don't want it. I'm sure there are some deeper routed problems there that could use some therapy. Thanks for the answer and sharing your personal accounts.

    • Yeah I know that guy's hardly the representative of all gamers. He just needs some serious help but won't get it unless he wants to change, which, from what I've seen of him lately, he still doesn't.

    • A damn shame, you hate to see that happen. Damn people's pride!!!

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  • And sitting and watching Netflix the same amount of hours isn't a waste of time. You're good man, i game, but i also have a life outside of the games.

    • It's all about the balance between all of those things. Things you do on life to progress and things you do to wind down. Do them both!

    • Thats what I'm saying man!

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  • Nothing wrong with that. Lots of people like video games.

  • Then tell those women to fuck off and stop being so petty!

    If you like games date a gamer, it's what I'm doing and my boyfriend and I are constantly gaming together ❤

    • For sure. My last relationship was like that. She enjoyed playing single player games and I'd help her through when needed.

  • I love computer games it’s fun for me. Some people go out and waste money on partying every single night. Somebody stays at home playing computer games. Girls who get jealous cause of games are stupid.

    • Right, there's always the comparison with huge sports fans who litter there rooms with posters and fully immerse themselves. But that's not seen as wrong. Neither are.

  • I think it’s fine.

    But I’ll play terraria on a Saturday morning in my underwear so maybe I’m biased about being childish.

    • I appreciate your opinion. It's all in talking to the right people I suppose. Good choice of games. I play that with my little brother all the time.

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  • It's a bloody fun waste of time. Though so is doing so many things that we do these days.

    • So true. It truly is a great time to be alive. It's a side tangent but you can honestly listen to any music from anywhere at any God damn time. That blows my mind every day!

  • Fear not. There are many women who enjoy video games themselves. Their numbers are growing too.

    • For sure, it's good to see. The more people in the community the better!

  • Dont listen to them. We gamers know what bottoms to push on girls


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