Did you like season 4 of BBC Sherlock?

What do you think about Sherlock's season 4?Did you like season 4 of BBC Sherlock ??
  • Yes, i really liked it!
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  • No, it wasn't very Sherlocky.
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  • No idea.
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  • I live season 2!
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last option should be written like this: I "love" season 2!


Most Helpful Guy

  • I liked it but it wasn't great it was more of just okay but i just wished it was better.

    • I liked second episode of season 4. It was better than 1 and 2. Reminded me of the blind banker. And episode 3... Better call it Saw 8: Sherlock.

    • Hahaha true

Most Helpful Girl

  • It's a weak season in my opinion. I only liked the second episode. The ending was horrible for sherlock's standards


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  • It was... bad... like just abysmally terrible. And it made me realize the show was never actually good before. But I fell into Moffat's trap of "oh next season for sure will ramp up and it'll be super interesting"

    If you've got two spar hours I highly recommend this video essay about it: https://youtu.be/LkoGBOs5ecM

    It goes over Moffat's whole career to pin point what exactly went so wrong with Sherlock and it's really interesting when put into perspective like that, because like, seasons 7-10 of Doctor Who I'd been pretty bored by and not really known why other than "the pacing is different now and I'm not a fan" but it clicked after this.


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