What app for music?

i used to have this music app that had a huge array of songs in multiple languages, that could've been played without wifi, had unlimited downloading AND no ads. and it was free ):

i js got my new phone today and when i downloaded it it updated into a fucking chinese song app 🙄

so i'm looking for an app similiar to that. not exact because that's greedy. i js need the no wifi and the variety oh and the free part LOL THANKS!!! :)


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  • well id reccomend snaptube, just search it on google it downloads youtube videos/audio so u can download ur fav music off youtube, by the way its only for android i think


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  • You could hack Spotify using "AppValley".. I did it and I LOVE it 💖


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  • Android or IPhone?

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    • Musi - Simple Music Streaming by Musi Inc. https://itunes. apple. com/us/app/musi-simple-music-streaming/id591560124? mt=8

    • Cloud Music Offline MP3 Music by Loi Nguyen Vanhttps://itunes. apple. com/us/app/cloud-music-offline-mp3-music/id1073948898? mt=8

      I saw this on the AppStore. I have never used it before, but maybe it’ll work?

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