Have you or do you watch Riverdale? If so, what are your thoughts on it?


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  • I have! I love that show! I never know whatโ€™s going to happen

    • What season are you on?

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    • Isnโ€™t the season finale crazy?

    • It's sad. And, yeah. I didn't expect that.

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  • While it has been glamourised slightly by the CW, Riverdale is an interesting show. However, I find it sad that parents of the children have more character than the children themselves. Betty's parents have a much more complex and diverse role than Betty does in my opinion, as is Veronica's. Although I think it does well in comparison to its basis from the Archie comics, Riverdale needs to bring some focus away from the teenage relationships, and move further into the mystery solving that it is more famous for.

    • I never read the Archie comics. So, I'm not sure how they compare. For me, it started out good with the mystery surrounding Jason's death and how new clues kept popping up. But, it was too much back and forth. And, too much keep this from Archie, keep that from Betty. It was just a horrible way to introduce evidence in the case.

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