Does anyone else see this as a problem? (youtuber Tati vitamin scam)?

so the youtuber tati did this recently:

and she got major backlash for it, now some of her fans are trying to defend this saying just don't buy the product but other videos like this one:

are pointing out that you can't ignore this because it's go in your body and can affect it badly. What you think do you think this is clearly a scam or not?


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  • A scam is a scam, hopefully you the buyer are smart enough to know what is what


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  • There are COUNTLESS health and fitness scams. Some small scale, and some incredibly mainstream - like homeopathy.

    • oh I know this is a bigger problem because it's a youtuber that has 3.4 million subs trying to sell this to them.

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  • What's wrong with it, is it not vitamins?

    • look up on stories that people got their bodies fuck up after taking certain vitamins.

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    • People are also claiming if your a man 50 and older it fuck up your hormones as well.

    • Ahhh. I thought saw Palmetto was helpful for older men. Were there any other problems with the vitamin?

  • Wow that its pretty shady.
    Yeah that's a problem

    • Exactly and people are just saying so what don't buy well people health can be put at risk if they take this.

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