What do F1 fans think of new "halo" protecton on F1 cars?

Do you think its first step to a fully enclosed cockpit?What do F1 fans think of new "halo" protecton on F1 cars??


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  • Meh, not very critical, but if it makes em happy... I don't think it will go much further, the sport will die too much if it does.

    • I agree... i haven't heard much complaints from drivers regarding views through it

    • Most drivers last year said it wasn't much of a distraction, one was sorta outspoken against it, I forget which (grosjean perhaps) and that was before teams had a chance to adapt and perfect it to their cars.

    • True. Jolean Palmer has come out against it but he has no drive this year

  • If the cockpit being enclosed will make drivers safer, then they should make the change.


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