Your favourite Total War game and why?

What's your favourite Total War game and why? I get very very mixed opinions. From what I've heard each game is different and has it's own unique and often experimental features. Some that work well and some that don't. The time period doesn't matter to Me, I enjoy Roman, medieval, and Asian culture. From a gameplay, mechanics, and graphics standpoint, which would you say is the Best? So far I'm torn between Medieval and Rome 2.


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  • Shogun 2. Its the little things. The individual soldiers all seemed to have a little personality, agents were fun, the AI could be downright terrifying. (Looking at you, Ikko Ikki) The DLC was solid as well.

    • What do you mean by terrifying AI? They're hard or they have intimidating characteristics or just someone you wouldn't want to meet in real life?

    • They had legitimate tactics in the harder difficulties combined with their infrastructure and mass armies of cheap units. It was just a force to be reckoned with, even on easy.

    • Sounds like a fun time. I might get that one.

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  • I haven't played any of them. Since I don't have internet anymore since Spectrum wanted to overcharge me, I haven't been playing on my computer for the last couple months.


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