Please tell me who is this singer? Do you think he's a bad singer?

I shown this song to my friends, none of them like this song! They seem to not like the throat sing part but this kind of song actually gives me an ecstasy. I can listen to this song over and over again.

Another question, what kind of guitar is he playing. The way he sings and plays is so badass.
This song is about horses and war.


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  • I love such ethnic singing.
    It's Mongolian throat singing... They sang 2 notes in the same time, that the vibrations we can hear.
    Very difficult skill.
    I love the fact it is still learned by younger generations :)


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  • he is from mongolia

    • Read the question, I asked who is this guy not where he's from. I know where's he from. He is from Russia in the Altay region. He may look like from Mongolia but he could also be from Kazakhstan or Kyrgyzstan by that logic.

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    • I was born in England, but my origin is Turkish. Did you know Turkish is similar to this song? I can barely understand it, but if you see it in a written script and compare it, it's quite similar.

    • Doesn't turkey have the same guitar?

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  • I didn't like it , it sounds like he is singing a song for cowboys riding horses lol. I don't think he is a bad singer but the song and the music aren't nice in my opinion

    • I really don't know what kind of people would like this song. Am I the only ONE who likes this song so much? If you ever smoke weed, it felt almost exactly like this when I listen to this song.

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    • @MonaLee @MonaLee Alcohol is also drug, coffee is also drug, cigarette is also a drug. Thousands of people dies from alcohol and cigarette, NOT a single person died from weed/marijuana/cannabis. Yes not a single one.

      Of course there's other drugs like meth and cocaine which could kill you in a long term, but that's the exact same thing with alcohol addicts or cigarette addicts. But of course there's some drug dealers that mixed things which could kill someone who buy these drugs. That's why drugs should be LEGAL and REGULATED but they wouldn't because of social control. Did you know US and other European countries used to ban alcohol?

      Read this article why drugs are banned

    • Are you joking?
      I'm even not reading your comment.
      What I cared was to talk about this beautiful music, not drugs. Don't bother to answer.

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  • Kevjumba and I didn't know he started singing

    • Googled him, I don't think it's him because his last name sounds East Asian, maybe Chinese. This guy in the video is from Altay, Russia. He sings in Altay language which is close to Kazakh and Kyrgyz language.

    • It was a joke

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