Suggest me a movie will ya?

I have some free time. I play games but I am in a movie mood with my cola and chips. I like sci-fi, comedy, horror. But I actually like everything made decent so suggest me anything you like. I dislike action, gore. I dislike action so hard. Action movies are for real kids who are 40 years old. I am an educated fella and I won't watch any action movies unless they are really original and has a real story background. Samw with gore.
Don't come with stupid movies like "transformers, fast and furious, saw 729, twilight ne moon, etc."

I will discuss your suggestions under your opinions. Probably I've watched everything you will suggest ^^
Thanks for all suggestions already.Suggest me a movie will ya??


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  • The Imitation Game. Begin Again. The Night Manager. Darkest Hour, but watch Dunkirk first. Anything Marvel. Django. Spotlight. Good Will Hunting. The Deep Blue Sea...


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  • Willow (an old Spielberg's movie and not the most known). It's a fantastic movie.

    • Woops, sorry, wrong guy. Not Spielberg. But Ron Howard.

    • I've watched it long ago. I am a big fan of warwick.

    • Oh OK 🙂
      So, really old sci fi movie (1976). I just saw that in English, it's called "Logan's run" (in France, it's called "l'âge de cristal").

  • Shawshank
    Guardians of the Galaxy
    Get out
    Mad max
    A violent prosecuter
    The edge of seventeen

    And of course;

    if you got a lot of time, go sat har some series

  • As above so below.
    Shawshank redemption.
    The ABCs of death
    The Boondock saints
    The departed
    Heavy metal
    Fight club
    Peter Jackson's movies
    Quentin Tarantino's movies.

  • Have you seen Happy Death Day? The plot is so good. You have to watch it it’s so well done. The ratings say it all.

  • The Martian

    • Watched it. It was a funny movie.

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    • Please xD Look. Trust me if that movie is something it is just against the science. Just because you see mars or space suits, it doesn't mean it is a great science movie. If you knew about those stuff you would know that this movje is a joke to science fiction. And there is no real science in it. Please don't defend it like this because I find it disrespectful to science. If you like it good then keep watching but don't defens like best science of them. I like the movie too it is fine and I think someone had to be brave enough to go through those subjects but I hope it will go better in future movies with the support of some science guys.

    • Ahhh - so what you are saying is that you like the idea of being into science but know little about it. Ok, gotcha.

  • Black Panther, give a try

    • Nope. Gotta be something I can watch at home rn. But I will look for it later.

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    • It's alrite like, decent storyline. If you like it there is part 2 and prequel to this movie called Annabelle

    • Alright I will check it too.

  • I recommend Rush Hour

    • Watched it on tv. And I wouldn't really spend my time to watch it on laptop with kola and chips lol. Doesn't deserve it. Fine movie but only if you see it randomly on tv.

    • Okay then I'll change my recommendation. I recommend Rush Hour 2

  • The shape of water


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