How can Thanos lose?

He has the the damn Power Gem! The purple infinity stone from The Guardians Of The Galaxy 1.

Ronan The Accuser just needed to touch a damn planet with the gem to completely obliterate it.

How can the Avengers even stop Thanos?

I don't fucking get it.

I'm scared 😂How can Thanos lose??


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  • Humans are obstinate and don't go down easily. It's hard to lose hope. Also the integration of Wakandan technology that is based on space metal.
    Thanos is also full of himself and has to work to get all of the stones for his gauntlet.

    • I haven't seen Black Panther yet so don't spoil it for me but how is vibranium supposed to repel an Infinity Stone.

    • It is a far more resistant metal to power than any earthly metal.

  • The Avengers are protagonists.

    Ronan was beaten with the power of friendship and that was just 3 people and a raccoon. Imagine like 20 people.


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