How do I write in third person?

I want to write a book, I have an excellent idea. But I’m not sure how to begin? The actual format of the book like the she said this, he said this?


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  • Glancing at such questions, our hero can only beseech answers. 'But where? From who?' He asks himself.

    A voice answers... ' 'tis I, your flame, your path. You needn't worry, for paths are many. You needn't wish but only to embrace the tools which thy art given. 'Tis the way the water flows and flowers grow, the way to write'

    More or less that. But you shouldn't limit yourself to third person. Use 2nd person, too.

  • Don't include I, or me if you're referencing to yourself as if you're a part of the story. You have to act like you're telling someone what happened to people as you were a witness.

    "She went to the mall the other day and she dropped her bag. She had to backtrack to get it."


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