Getting famous on Instagram?

Recently I followed some official accounts of some famous models who have followers in millions. A few days later, I got follow requests of some other models with followers around 20K to 50K. Then I got some likes on my posts with accounts having that blue tick! One of my post got 5 of them!! Yesterday I got follow requests of 3 accounts with that tick. One of them is a model, another a singer and the last one is a workout page. Can I get famous enough to be a model and earn through instagram (just thinking so seeing what is happening to my account)? My friends and family also use to say that I handsome and attractive but that's even before these things started happening. If I can be a instagram model, then how can I be, any tips?


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  • Look handsome, pose naked, drown your captions in as much tags as possible even if unrelated, proceed to start a follow back at first, unfollow most of people when you're popular enough, done.

    • Not trying to sound arrogant... But I look handsome 😊😊. Anyways, I won't go naked on social media πŸ˜…. by the way, have you tried getting famous like this? Did it work?

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    • Good luck to you :)

    • Thank you... ☺️☺️

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  • Maybe you can become an Instagram addict If you Training hard enougj


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