Would you agree or disagree that video gaming has the worst/most toxic fanbase/people out of every other form of entertainment?

I mean yeah, we have obnoxious fanboys or toxic people in sports, comic books, TV shows, and movies and all but if there is one that is the absolute most toxic one to me in my honest opinion, it's the video game fanbases and their pathetic "console/platform" wars. I've visited through all sorts of video game forums which all inevitably have Sony fanboys, Xbox fanboys, Nintendo fanboys, and PC gamers all going at it to no end. They're basically a bunch of manchildren talking crap behind their computer screens since they most only became fanboys who blindly praise and trash on expendable pieces of hardwares because they couldn't get a job and live with their mothers which makes them butthurt that they can't afford all the gaming platforms so they justify their childish insults and fanboying for only the console/platform that they have and can only afford so far.
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  • You obviously haven't watched a soccer match in your life! Just come over to Europe during the world cup and we'll talk...


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  • So what group are you in? You just stereotyped everybody who plays video games into people living in their parents basement. Ever think that a lot of people make more money in one month from playing games than you probably do in a year? Yes there are horrible people in the gaming community, but there are in every community. Look at the people who get car meets broken up from doing burnouts, or Philly Eagles fans, etc. There will be annoying immature people in every community, so you can't generalize that every gamer is bad.


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  • And somehow that compared to open riots over sporting events? Lol Cause you can tell me about "PC master race" all day as long as you don't flip my car

  • The only toxic community is in the online fps community but even that is a very small portion of that community. Sporting events incite way more violence than gaming does.

  • That shit is so viciously overblown by the mainstream media.


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