Faviorite Rapper/or Rap Group?

Who is your Faviorate rapper. It can be from the very begening with old school rap or up to noe with Post Malone and Logic.


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  • Jesus Christ


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  • T. I...
    but these days.. Wiz kahlifa

  • from old school ( 50 cent ) and this days ( 21 savage )

  • Mac Miller.
    I started listening to him because he's from my hometown but he's good. I feel he's underrated. He's always working on something new and his stuff is unique. It's not all about sex, drugs, and money and it's also not that nonsense, mumble stuff either.

    • Are we thinking of the same Mac miller? He’s not terrible but he’s definitely the poster boy of frat boy/fuckboy rap for a reason

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    • That was a rhetorical question.

      This isn't even your question so I don't know why you had to comment on my answer. You listen to who you want to listen to and I'll listen to who I listen to. To each their own.

    • Didn’t feel rhetorical 🙃

      Also, cause I was wondering what Mac miller you were thinking of. I don’t hate Mac miller. He’s not even bad, but I thought your post was absolutely hilarious considering 99.8% of his songs are about the things you said they weren’t about.

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