Got any good story plots?

So, I've been trying to write so many stories and the most part I fail at is the planning... Does anybody know any good storylines that I could be able to follow along with?


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  • yes I have some good story plots but I'll have to charge you because you could be making money off my story

    • It's just to help with my writing. I'm never going to be the one to release my stuff.

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  • Think of something mundane and make it a story. Sometimes the things we think about the least make the best stories.

  • You should write a story where you misbehave and your mom has to give you a spanking until your butt is dark red and very sore to sit on

  • Just take something from an anime

    • I have thought of that, but I don't know how to change it to keep it somewhat original.

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    • It's it still good though?

    • Well the 2nd half isn't there yet but its going to be real good if it ends the way I said

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