Do you think right now is way too soon for Sony to confirm that they are currently working on the PS5(next-generation console) that will most likely?

launch in 2-3 more years?

  • Yes, the PS4 still doesn't even have a large enough game library yet and too many people are still buy PS4 consoles right now.
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  • No, this is a good time for Sony to comfirm that they are working on the Playstation 5(PS5)
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  • They can announce it whenever they feel. is a good time, it's always good to hype up a new console or game. Doesn't mean they'll stop making games for the ps4, also there's loads of games for it haha

    • I feel like the majority of people who currently own PS4s, still don't feel ready for a next-gen console so soon, yet.

      I get that in this current situation with gaming on how Game Developers have been complaining how this current generation of video game consoles (the PS4 and Xbox One) has such outdated hardware that it's holding them back a bit to unleash the full potential of the games that they're currently working on but still. The PS4 Pro has only been out for barely almost 2 years and to confirm and release the PS5 console as soon as later this year or next year would be a huge middle finger to all their consumers who just spent 100s of dollars on the PS4 Pro not long ago.

    • I guess some people may see it that way but I dont mind them announcing it. I'll just buy it when it comes down it price like I've done with everything else lol. I've got a ps4 and a ps4 pro and an Xbox one. I use the ps4s more than anything else since it has more games I actually like but I'm not too fussed about another being announced as I'm happy with my consoles lol. I feel like new consoles get announced every year so it's nothing new

Most Helpful Guy

  • Considering how long it took to get a 4k console which STILL doesn't do everything right, no. Sony should develop something new, the PS5 might be more capable but the games that it would run are virtually, from a developmental standpoint, exactly the same.

    Running forever in a damn game just to waste time, developers take out functionality from the game to sell it back later as shitty DLC, hitboxes instead of hitmeshes, golf swing bars, unskippable cutscenes that force the player to press a button in a certain amount of time or have to go through the whole fucking cutscene again... Very few console games actually have gameplay that is new and fresh.

    That's which don't think they should focus on another console, they should focus on advancing gaming development past the same rehashed turd we get with every new AAA title.

    • Pretty much. Despite that the 4K consoles (PS4 Pro and Xbox One X) still have many obvious flaws, the real problem in today's generation of gaming are mostly just lazy game developers and greedy publishers.

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    • I'd also like to throw in there that they'll also have to wait for AMD to give them a CPU that can hit 60fps. Thirty is not acceptable, at least for me. Not that companies won't try to sell it as cinematic.

    • @ZanyInternetName I agree on all points. 4k at 30fps is unacceptable for gaming, literally half or a quarter of the refresh rate that another player without 4k can reach. If there are tv's that already can do it then it shouldn't be that difficult for AMD to manufacture a chip that is spec'd for modern gaming.

      Sony and Microsoft are turning away profits from players like me since they only want profit and refuse to meet customer demand. The market is controlled by grown babies in suits that don't even game pumping out crap release since they don't want to spend time in development to code something new. Meanwhile indie games on PC are destroying large companies like EA who reheat turds.

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  • If it'd launch in summer of 2020 it'd currently be too soon to confirm it, that'd be a bad business move. There's too many sales to be had from the PS4.

  • I'm getting too old, I can't keep up with this shit anymore lol


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