STAR WARS FANS: What are Rey's flaws, characteristics and personality?

I need to know her traits, character, personality, flaws, etc. for a Drama assignment. I need to compare how we are alike, but I'm not sure of her traits to which I need to compare.


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  • New star wars sucks. Pick a different character from a different movie if I were you.

    • I have to pick a newer Star Wars character.

  • For flaws she has abandonment issues.

    She has an interest in machinery.

  • Her traits are strong, independent, brave, adventurous, hopeful.
    Her character is a Mary Sue. Great at everything and is the best at everything she does.
    Her flaws are hard to describe. She has some but from how the story is currently she is great at everything and can't be beaten. Maybe short though wants stuff done quickly, does not have pacience, is not eager for her density in the first half of the first film with the light Saber.
    Hope this kind of helps kid

    • This is what I have so far, would you say it's prettying accurate? It's what I've picked up on.

      Strong, courageous, adventurous, hopeful, independent, Intelligent, caring, compassionate, doesn't let others tell her what she can or can't do, driven, determined,
      Role model. Self-Sufficient, woman of indomitable spirit.

      Impatient, stubborn, naive,

      (Wish I could come up with more flaws)

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    • Yes if she was written where she lost the first fight in the 7th movie and then redeemed herself in 8th then that could show a lot of character development and flaws that could be fixed/noticeable ones.

      No problem kid hope everything works out and you don't sound like an ego maniac.

    • Definitely agree!

      Thank you so much!

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