Favorite DragonBall Z villian?

  • Majin Buu
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  • Cell
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  • Frieza
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  • Cooler
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  • Broly
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  • Beerus
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  • Other (name below)
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  • I guess cell
    It was prob frieza but they ruined him with super in my opinion
    I like to pretend supers not a real thing


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  • Beerus xD

    He is God of Destruction, not a villian lol xD

    • You're right. He's still in most villian list but I should have put dr gero or someone else

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    • I'm assuming you chose cell?

    • lol I didn't choose anyone

      villian is not something of my type,

      if i would have to choose someone I would choose either Whis or King Kai or Master Roshi

      These guys have prove their worth except from fighting skills (i am kinda guy who like people, who controls how other plays xD)

  • Super 17!


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