Who do you think would win in a fight between these 2 Adventure Time characters and who do you think is cooler and why?

Marceline vs Scorcher

I think Scorcher is way cooler because of his insane appearance with the extremely tall, lanky body and mask and red eyes and everything and how he never talks and he's very serious and everything. I think marceline's behaviour and voice is annoying. I don't think she's cool at all really. I don't know who I think would win. It looked like Marceline might have defeated Jake and could have killed Finn when they fought unless maybe if Jake could still have saved him after being bitten by Marceline. It also looked like Scorcher could have killed Finn, Jake and Ice King but maybe if those three really tried, they could have defeated Scorcher instead of just tricking him into leaving. So that's why I'm not sure
  • Marceline is cooler and would win in a fight
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  • Scorcher is cooler and would win in a fight
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  • Scorcher is cooler but Marceline would win in a fight
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  • Marceline is cooler but Scorcher would win in a fight
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  • hebklncxkejbcjej
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