Who would win in a fight? A really strong teenager or a grown man?

Let's say the teenager is a 16 year old who's 6'2 and has been weight training since middle school and can bench 250 lbs and squat over 300 lbs and has some decent fighting experience. The grown man is your average man who probably sits in front of a computer in an office all day. Let's say the man is as tall as the 16 year old but has never touched a weight and has no fighting experience and he's in his about 35 years old. Who would win in a 1 on 1 fight? I think the 16 year old would but some people say the man would because he's grown and is still stronger than the teen and more developed because of his age. Who do you think would win?


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  • The teen because most grown men have physical problems like arthritis and migraine while on the other hand teens are very flexible and weight lifting adds to that


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  • Well if it is just a matter of raw power this is obvious.


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