What would you do if your roommate and his girlfriend fired civil war cannons all night in the apartment?


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  • Earphones. It's no different if a sibling or your parents are firing civil war cannons all night.

    • And your last civil war could be considered to be the Northern Ireland Conflict, and that means you'd be firing off challenger 2 cannons, though since you would be inside the whole city block could come down around you and you would be okay, cause the British Challenger II is basically indestructible, the only thing rhat has ever seriously damaged a Challenger 2 being ANOTHER CHALLENGER 2

    • The troubles weren't a civil war. In fact it was a very tame affair compared to what it could have been. The IRA bombing campaign mostly was to show how weak the British security services were that the IRA could bomb anywhere in Britain at will, even attacking the British prime minister. The IRA had an arsenal of heavey weapons including stinger missiles.
      The challenger 2 has never been in the north of Ireland not even for training, I don't think there's ever been any heavy armour deployed.
      The only civil war in Ireland was in 1922 after the partition of Ireland in which 20,000 Irish men lost their lives.

  • I would sucede from the roommate agreement.


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  • Buy them a silencer.


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