What metaphors could I use for this?

I need to write a story at school and something I definitely have to use metaphors to describe the eye color of the main character. I'm gonna add a few pictures. I seriously have no idea what I could write so I'm looking forward to read your answers:)What metaphors could I use for this??What metaphors could I use for this??


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  • Photophobia = Fear of light.

    Captain Photophobix and the Mysteron

    Chapter 1

    Captain Photophobix is a beautiful young woman whose only insecurities lay in the fact that she has a fear of light.

    She has many dreams and aspirations but due to her inability to face the world she worries time's running out to find what she craves so dearly.

    Her hazel green eyes sparkle regardless like a window to her soul. No-one knows her too well as she's shrouded in mystery.

    Her pupils remain small so as to minimize the amount of light her eyes take in. For this reason her one love in life is the starry night sky. She can spend hours upon hours looking up into space, often seeing many a shooting star upon she always wishes for what she craves so dearly.

    Chapter 2

    It was upon such a night a Mysteron appeared alongside her to witness what he too thought was a beautiful night sky. She felt safe and comfortable in his presence as it was dark and he'd not be able to see into her eyes.

    The night turned cold and they sought comfort by cuddling upto one another. Long before she knew it her luscious long dark eyelashes got heavier and heavier until she was truly fast asleep!

    In the morning, she woke to find... The Mysteron had remained to keep her warm shielding her from the cold and ultimately something she'd not witnessed before with anyone, a sunrise.

    Her dark black pupils did all they could to remain closed and not disclose the depths of her soul. The Mysteron sensed this and stood before her: Her eyes were now in his shadow and she began to relax... What she hadn't realised was that her pupils dilated even more because what stood before her was the most handsome Mysteron she'd ever seen!

    She couldn't fight it no longer. She was stood in daylight and this Mysteron had made her realise that she no longer had a fear of light. She was afraid that he like all the others before him would look into her eyes and run away but he hadn't?

    He could see through her eyes, through the shape of a tunnel leading to her dilated pupils, deep into her the depths of her sultry soul and he liked what he saw. A beautiful young woman through and through <3

    PS More to follow ;-)

    • Chapter 3

      She remained quiet, afraid of what would happen next but all fears were washed away when he took her warm hand into his and walked hand in hand along the beachfront they had set foot upon the night before.

      Over time she realised that she didn't have a fear of light, oh no! Captain Photophobix had a fear of being unloved! That's no longer as the Mysteron remains by her side to this day and her beautiful eyes sparkle everyday like the starry night sky at which they first met x 8)

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    • Wow! Thanks for the feedback 😊 You're welcome x

      Hope it has inspired you to think beyond what you see visually: Take a look at those eyes and just let your creative juices flow like a river runs its course - Next thing you know you'll have written an amazing story of your own.

      Got an idea: Will you share what you submit to school - It'd be interesting to read the final product :-)

    • Thank you for MHO x :-)

      Once everything's done I help on here as I feel I'm doing a good deed.

      It was an absolute pleasure writing about Captain Photophobix & The Mysteron!

      L<3ve my creative mind! Hope to read your submission soon when you're ready little one :-)

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  • Depends what you are trying to convey, what is this character you are speaking of and what emotions are you trying to get across to your reader.

    Her eyes, like a sea of green and blue, I couldn't help but be lost in them. Like a luscious evergreen forest, I couldn't help but wonder what secrets lay dormant within her, waiting, yearning to be discovered. The eyes are windows to the soul and I stand at the entrance - an eager treasure hunter.

    • You can edit it as you like - I am writing this at 1am and I can already see a few mistakes.

    • Omg that's wonderful! So it's a girl, she's around 16 and is a little nerdy, loves art and doesn't have many friends but she's a really nice person

    • You could definitely modify my example to fit your work. Maybe fit it between another description of her physical appearance or emotional behavior.
      Something like, and these are fictional characters -
      You could always find Elisa busying herself in art classes - a place she called home, her sanctuary. She found comfort under her soft grey, furry hoodie. Her eyes were a rare sight to behold. Like a deep sea of green and blue, its secrets closely guarded under the fringe of her perfectly straightened charcoal hair. Accompanied with her golden headphones, the soothing sounds of jazz drifting her into a trance. She let the music guide her hand and her soul across the white canvas.

      Like I said, you might want to edit it a bit. I know I could have changed a few words there but its just an example.

  • Here's looking at you, kid.

  • Apple of my eye😂


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