Are you a horror fan? Also any good horror movies to watch?

I love horror lol. I will pretty much watch it everyday. Even on Valentines Day. In a way they do have horror films that's related for Valentine's Day haha. But lately some of these so call " horror " isn't good at all. It's also boring. I miss the good days
Michael Myers
Freddy Krueger
Jason Voorhees
House of 1000 corpses
The Devils Rejects
And my favorite Chucky!!! * I have a Chucky collection now thanks to my boyfriend lol. I have the Chucky and Tiffany funko pop figures and the actuall dolls from Bride of Chucky 😍*
I'm collecting more horror stuff but some of the new movies isn't really worth buying or adding to my horror collection.
So maybe hopefully I missed some good ones that is worth buying and watching?


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  • Love horror movies but I agree that most of the new ones are garbage

    • Yeah it really sucks and seeing that they're bringing back the classics just shows they can't think of anything else and when they do it's not good at all. The last so call horror movie I see was the gallows I was so angry it was a waste of $10. My friends were acting scared so I was looking at them like seriously? So I guess some people thinks the new stuff is good and scary but my friends isn't into horror anyway so I can see why they thought it was scary.

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    • This new one focuses on when they were kids and first discovered IT as opposed to the original where they are adults so it's more of a back story

    • Thank you for choosing me

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  • I love horror movies but sometimes it's not make any sense (the story) and it's always about ghosts and creepy houses so I stopped watching them.,..

    But try to watch ( The Lodgers) he have a great story


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  • Salem's Lot

  • The Grudge movies. I do have loads of horror dvds.

    • I have them all!! And yes same here I really started collecting after what my boyfriend did for me. So I decided to have an actual collection horror related.

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    • Yes he does.. I have season 1 so far, going to get the rest hopefully soon and I agree!
      Have you seen Charmed?

    • I am on season 7 now. Yes I have seen Charmed, all of it and it is so good. But want to watch the first season with prue as I always seem to miss her ones and her final episode.

  • Shutter
    2 sisters (the Korean version)
    ghost game

    • Love shutter
      Going to check out the other two
      I don't mind watching Korean movies because I'm always watching Korean drama or comedy shows

  • The Devil Inside


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