Xbox One or Nintendo Switch, which one should I save up for?

I have an original Xbox and a gaming laptop that function quite well but I want something that’s more up to date.

A Nintendo Switch is about $400 where I live and an Xbox One is about $500-$600.

Right now I can only really save up for one because I have bills, rent and student loans to pay off but I can’t decide on which one. I already asked a question about if the Switch is worth getting just to make sure.
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  • A gaming laptop can be used to play a lot of games not available on consoles, as well as any game in the Microsoft Store. If you have a Windows 10 Mobile phone, you can use the Xbox app to record gameplay. I used the app to record bits of gameplay in the past.

    That said, you should get a Nintendo Switch since you can crossplay with players on the PC and with Microsoft abandoning the One Windows vision they implemented in 2016 (the failure of phones, the failure of Hololens, the steep declines in sales from the Xbox One and the virtual reality stuff not even getting off the ground), it is the better option now.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Well if you already have a gaming laptop I see no real reason to get an Xbox One.
    So I'd say a nintendo switch.


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  • I think the switch is more versatile. More co-op based games, portability, etc. But honestly it depends on what you're looking for

  • No use getting an xbone, better get a PS4 and since that's not an option, get a switch 😊

  • Switch, definitely!

  • iPhone six haha.

    Xbox i voted for.


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