Anyone not liking movie thrailers now days?

Then it comes to movies I want a surprise not the entire movie given out in a commercial the 15-30 second trailer is fine with me gets me excited for the movie gives me an idea what it’s about without giving away the entire movie or what happens. I’ve been nothing they’ve avoiding a lot of movie thrailers because they give any to much of the movie why do companies do this I haven’t even seen a full thrailers for the black panther movie I watch about 15-25 second of it then I click off. I know there a new one Jennifer Lawrence is in but I forgot the name (please tell me if you know). Anyone else agree?


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  • I was just talking about this the other day when I went to see The Strangers. I don't want to get an idea of what happens in the film I want to be curious about what happens. Trailers are supposed to reel you in and get you excited. If I already know what kind of things are gonna happen then I don't want to see it.


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