Where can I find a reliable emulator for the Battle for Bikini Bottom?

So when I was a little kid there was this game called Spongebob Battle for Bikini Bottom, its actually really good, of all things, Psychonauts stole from it.
I want to replay it but I want to play it on tve computer, and the version that was released on the computer is a completely different game.
So I need like an Xbox, or GameCube or ps2 emulator.
Preferably that doesn't require a controller.


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  • Dolphin Emulator - for GameCube/Wii https://dolphin-emu.org/

    PCSX2 - for PS2 https://pcsx2.net/

    • have you used the ps2 emulator before? im asking because some years ago, i tried really hard to play ps2 games through that, but it never worked for me

    • @Decentguy Yup, I've used the ps, ps2, and psp emulators before. Plus a bunch of others. :D

    • i just used the link for ps2 emulator, it is working now, but when it was new, it has wayy too many bugs, and i couldn't get it to work, lol. Thanks a lot for the link tho, im playing god hand right now, and now im also gonna play Mortabl kombat shaolin monks, mortal kombat armagaddeon and Def jam, and im gonna refresh my old memories, Thanks a lot for the awesome download link :)

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  • Waffles? There are emulators for game systems all over the net. You have to do the work to compile them and get them to run on your machine.


    I am way older than you. And I am pretty nostalgic about a lot of games. So I have nintendo emulators, arcade emulators, amiga emulators, atari st emulators. . .

    I have too many to count.

  • you can download free ps2 emulator from google, or use T o r r e n t s


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