What is a song that most people don't know about that you enjoy?

I personally enjoy the song Bruises by Lewis Capaldi, if you want slower music. I also can listen to odd music such as Bad Intentions by Zomboy or even Rylynn by Andy Mckee.
What's a song you enjoy that people do not know about?


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  • 1) A lot of modern orchestral music. I like, for one, Solar Flare by Radiarc a lot.

    2) Some niche electronic music, such as hardbass, has music I enjoy that most don't know.

    3) Marching music. While Erika or the Horst Wessel song may be well known many other pieces aren't.

    4) Lastly there's thrash metal. Normies, the majority of persons out there, often don't know bands such as Megadeth.

    • Nice! Sounds like you have a broad library of music. I'm guessing you're a music lover always discovering new music. I'm a music lover who's constantly finding more tunes and studying the music and lyrics.

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    • I don't know that song. Stopped listening to mainstream music years ago. You know the SF-UR and Radio-X channels in GTA:SA? My radio is tuned to the equivalents of those.

    • You dont need to hear it.
      I'm not very familiar with radio, stopped listening because no matter what channel you play, it's all music I've heard and they overplay every good song that pops up.

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