Do you like my poem?

I can no longer stay.
I have to keep away.
I'll still pray that, that day, will come.
I don't want to run.
But need to.
I do...

Am I sorry?
For everything!
You've no idea!!!
Written all over my consciousness.
As these, tears they drip.

To leave, you here.
Along with my tears.
Over the years, I hope you will remember.
Remember that I had to go.
Because I love you so!!!



Most Helpful Guy

  • do u like mine

    a circle in the corner
    hiding from the world
    to scared to show urself
    or to worried to be known
    a man, a woman nobody knows

    a circle in the corner
    with a outlined filled pink or blue
    a question mark over there head
    cause nobody knows who they r
    y do they hide we want to know

    a circle in the corner
    with a name next to it
    the names r all the same though
    anonymous it says in pink or blue
    who r u circle in the corner who r u?


    • I love your poem!

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    • true i didn't think of that soz

    • Nothing to be soz for.

Most Helpful Girl

  • It's definitely not bad. I'm not a fan of the comma placing in lines 11 and 12. And you only need one ! for each word, not three


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