Has anyone watched Point De Fuite?

In this film all students remove their clothes and remain naked when the lady teacher enters the class. The students request the teacher to get naked too , but when she turns her back to write on the board , all students wear their clothes and she is the only one who remains naked. At that point someone knocks on the door.


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  • It is an interesting film. A maths lady teacher arrives at the classroom to give a lesson on perspective , only to find her students sitting there completely naked and in silence. as the class is waiting completely nude , this catches her off guard. totally confused she undresses as well and proceeds with the class. She has to teach a lesson on the complicated maths theorem. Then she proceeds to write on the board with her back facing the students. While she is facing the blackboard the students put their clothes back and hide her clothes. Upon finishing , she is embarassed that they are fully clothed and she is left completely naked with no clothes to wear. Now there is someone at the door. The class asks the unknown to come in , and they find a naked teacher but clothed students. They push her out on a limb when the door opens, What this film seems to convey is that youth of today want to be different. They are different when they take off their clothes but normal when they get dressed again; So they have made a statement. This is like asking , Why are you naked? For someone who is not naked everyday this is different than one who is used to nacked everyday. Someone who is naked everyday will see it differently.


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