What do you think of my poem? Tips on how to make it better?

I wrote it last night before I fell asleep, and I'm just beginning writing poetry, so please don't be too harsh 😀

What kind of world are we living in today?
There are kids being shot in schools just walking down the hallway, and people being murdered all across the USA.

The education system’s failing, and our entire nation is in debt,

There are homeless people everywhere, and jobs are hard to get.

Kids at school are bullied, and nearly every student cheats,

The kids are scared to go back home where they’ll probably get beat.

Teens are having sex and doing drugs just for the thrill,

Next thing they know, they’re pregnant, then the baby will get killed.

People are depressed, they hurt themselves, they take their lives,

Most people go through life these days just trying to survive.

Our government is corrupted, and our leaders cheat and lie,

America’s a mess, and it makes me want to cry.

Is this the world we’re living in?
Where our children will grow up?

It all makes me want to throw up,

We’ve got to make a change.


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