What do you people think about this girls singing?

Personally I think she sounds like an idiot. Or someone with an accent.

She has an extremely powerful voice but the way she sings is annoying.

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What Girls Said 1

  • I see what you mean but ignoring the accent aspect.. she's different and I like it. She has a powerful voice and puts her feelings into it.
    by the way she looks a lot like Bella Thorne.

    • She reminds me of Fergie singing the national anthem tbh Joana

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    • I like it when you check out my profile ;)

    • Sorry I got the feeling you thought I was stalking you or something
      I'm just checking your questions cause they poped up on my notifications

What Guys Said 1

  • Well, first let me acknowledge that I couldn’t do that, even in my own range. I should also point out that she really had the judges and audience, some of whom probably have a fairly well trained ear.
    I came to music only lately so my understanding of it is rudimentary, but I have come to respect talent and this woman has it. Yes, I get that she is a little off-beat but not very much in the scheme of things. In fact, maybe she is just different enough to be interesting. Her vocalizations are strong and pretty clear. At times she approaches a slow tremolo, the way her voice quavers. My only criticism is that her pronunciation is so stylized that I have trouble understanding the words.
    There are a lot of musical categories and styles that bend sound. Think about Louis Armstrong or Janis Joplin. Here is another of the same woman, I think:
    It sounds like slices of music, layered together. JG Ballard predicted this in The Sound Sweep.
    Anyway, thanks for bringing us this. It was fun. By the way, did you know she is only 16.


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