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Ivy is a troubled teenager she is rebellious and will go to all lengths to get what she wants. Even if that means killing which she has in her past before moving to Santa Clara. She is manipulative and in some ways psychotic. Her mother was into drugs and was a heavy alcoholic and her father well he was basically a dead beat. Her mother died in her 30's and Ivy was still a young girl. As she got older her father preyed on her being sexually abusive towards her. At the age of 15 she was sent to live with her auntie whom only took care of her because she was being paid for it. Surprisingly Ivy was smart in school but all the students thought of her as a slut because of how she dressed. Even though she was smart in school she hated it and often ditched to go other places. Like to parks where she loved to swing rope. She met a girl whom she became best-friends with eventually she moved in with her best-friend and her family. But things didn't go too well Ivy moved in on the family manipulating them and even killing her best-friends mother. She was never arrested for the murder because they couldn't prove that she was the one who did it. Ivy was desperate and wanted to know what it felt like to have a family and to be loved or cared about by someone. Everyone always hated her her whole life and she just wanted to fit in somewhere. After the killing of her best-friends mother she was asked to leave the house. Therefore Ivy had no place to go she did have the money that she had con out of her best-friends father. It was enough for her to move to another location which she did. She was 18 when she moved to Santa Carla she got a job at the boardwalk and saved up enough money to get a apartment. She now lives in Santa Carla which she enjoys her favorite place in Santa Carla is the Boardwalk where she often hangs out


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  • It's got some potential but a lot of it doesn't make sense. She wants a family to love her but she kills her "adopted" mother. She is a manipulative bitch but she wants to be loved. I can't root for the main character, there seems to be no reason to care about this girls story. She had a rough childhood, as we all did. Maybe if she kills her father (her first kill) for sexually assaulting her then gets sent to her aunt. But who pays the aunt? Why did it not work out.

    I'd love to help you work on this as I am also a writer. There is potential, but it needs a lot of work to be done.


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