Cort X11 electric guitar feedback?

Does anyone here have a Cort X11? I would like to get some feedbacks about it. Tell me only if you really have one.


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  • Hello— I would suggest going to a site specifically focusing on specific music products (i. e. ultimate guitar forums). Although it is possible someone here may have an X11, it is unlikely. Most people on here don’t play guitar, and most people who do play guitar don’t own an X11.

    That being said, in general, I’d recommend going into a store and trying it out yourself. Pay attention to the feel and tone of it. Play it through an amp at the store similar to your own. Compare it to other guitars, and if you don’t feel comfortable playing, ask an employee to play for you. Most guitars last years I’d argue— it’s just a matter of liking what the base product, and people like different things.

    If you like the feel and are only satisfied with the tone, you can change the pickups later too. I think it’s definitely better spending $200 on pickups for a cheap guitar that feels nice than paying $1000 more for a similar feeling guitar/sound with a brand name.

    Anyway, that’s all the advice I can give. I own guitars... but not an X11.

    • Thank you so much for your info. Can I contact you in any way if i would need further information? If yes, please give me your email address or any other social media account name so that i could connect to you there.

    • You could PM me on here if you need more help later. Since you’re xper lvl 1 (and can’t initiate pm conversations yet), I can follow you and start a conversation. That way, you can contact me there

    • Okay. Thanks again

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