Any song/artist suggestions?

any music/song that are smoothly tuned like instrumentals? your opinion is greatly appreciated.


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  • Jim Croce is the fucking man, I'd start anyone interested in him off with 'I have to say I love you in a song', 'I got a name', & 'time in a bottle'

    Terry Callier is kind of a romance, sub-gospel kind of singer I like. His good ones would be 'Paris blues', 'ordinary joe', & 'dancing girl'. A lot of his songs are pretty smooth.

    Afrobeat artist Fela Kuti has some boisterous songs but I think 'Sorrow Tears & Blood' is a song that's smooth enough to bump to while stoned.

    Wang Changyuan is a chinese artist whose songs are entirely instrumental, for most of them. They're often though provoking & easy to relax to in the background.

    • Thanks man. This is really a great help for me

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