When I was young I listened to Country and Pop, in middle school I listened to Heavy Metal and Classic Rock. Now I listen to everything?

Classical music all the way up to death metal. What do you listen to? Do you like that more than others? Why would it be better? Or why do you like it more?


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  • I just listen to country, classic rock, heavy metal, oldies, and indie/alternative.

    • I've gotten into listening to mainly oldies lately because they're easy to sing along to, fun, and it's a way to transport back in time.

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    • I never really liked the lion king, but I liked the jungle book πŸ‘Œ

    • Both great movies.

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  • Rap
    90s dance

    • Nice, I like rap, classical and rock. I can listen to everything, just most things I listen to wayyyy more than others. The only times I ever really listen to EDM is at school. R&B is on the radio if I listen to it, and I've only ever heard 90s Dance music at Skate City haha, but it's pretty catchy

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  • In order of how much
    -Classic Rock
    -Soft Rock
    -Chinese traditional

    • In all honesty I haven't really listened to Chinese traditional music unless I'm trying to meditate or calm down. I love all the other music you listed, I don't listen to reggae much, but it's a fun genre to listen to sometimes.

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    • It's pretty good, doesn't have the quality of soundtrack you'd expect from a GTA game but this one radio station of chinese music is my fucking jam.

    • All that matters haha, rockin out is important in video gamesπŸ˜‚

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