Switching from violin to cello?

I've been playing the violin for some three years now, but I've never been passionate about it. I've struggled with finding the right shoulder & chin rest and still suffer from pain in my neck and shoulder while playing for more than ten minutes straight.
Recently I've thought of trying out the cello, which has a more natural position and (in my opinion) a more beautiful sound. I also like the idea of having a bit more of a background/supportive role and less up-front/solo role in an ensemble.

However I'm wondering if taking up the cello is really a good idea. Does anyone have experience with switching? What are some challenges and / or advantages of cello?


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  • I've never played Violin as my primary instrument but I know how to play it. I played cello and double bass. I'll just say that it's easier for vibrato because you have gravity on your side. Learning vibrato was easy for me on cello and bass. But for Violin much tougher. It also has a stronger sound that the Violin but that's a given because it's bigger. Violin you can play nearly anywhere but for cello it's better if you sit down like that instrument is meant to be played sitting down it looks weird when people stand up and play it lol. But I loved cello because it's the closest sounding to the male voice.

  • My sister changed many instruments but i never heard she had any problems. She was kinda talented though


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