I have questions about Cartoon Network in South Africa?

1) Why don't they show some episodes of shows and why do they take out some parts of some scenes? Like with adventure time they never show Mortal recoil or or any episodes of Hunson Abadeer for example. And in Wizards only, fools they took out the part where Ice King says to PB that no one has touched him in a month and the part where Finn asks Jake if PB is naked and more parts. Will they ever show all the episodes and the parts of scenes that they took out or don't show? They have shown some episodes that they used to not show like Marceline's closet and the very first episode of Teen Titans Go! (I actually like TTG please don't judge) for example but it took a very long while and there are still many episodes that they have not shown. Also they have shown I think all episodes of Adventure time's Stakes series but now they only ever show the last episode where Marcy defeats the Vamp King

2) Why don't they show older shows like Dexter's Laboratory and Johnny Bravo anymore? Will they ever start showing them again?

3) Do they do this in America as well or just in South Africa and maybe other countries?


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  • The old shows are gone.

  • Johnny bravo isn’t really shown here anymore


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