What are some of your favorite songs that really make you feel?

Be it happy or sad, what are your favorite songs that just hit you right in the feels.
One of my all time faves would have to be Hurt by Johnny Cash


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  • Nice, I usually hear it from NIN, but I think it's better from Johnny Cash.

    I like songs that go in between sad and angry so...

    Some songs that really strike a chord with me are from Mudvayne.
    Negative One-About being a loser and looking for acceptance and standards from others, but in the end he realizes he needs to not look to others for ascendance

    Nothing to Gein is a perfect culmination of sorrow, rage, and mental illness. It's about Ed Gein, who inspired many horror films and had a twisted and tragic life, but the song is spot on regarding the man.

    The vocals are a bit rough, so I'll just link the lyrics and instrumental. The normal song is good too and you can look it up if interested.

    The instrumental is certainly the best part of the song though, and is the essence of the song.

    Lastly, Tool's "Right in Two" music video makes me cry every time. If you check any of them out, this should be the one.



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