Do you like songs with shouting/screaming?

It's grown on me and I can't stop listening to songs like this

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  • Not usually, screaming tends to ruin a song for me, but there are some rare exceptions.


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  • I like songs with tasteful scream/harsh vocals. I can be picky with them. I am not a fan of the deep gutteral screams that bands like Cannibal Corpse uses. Screamed vocals are fine by me, but there needs to be a melody somewhere (or interesting rhythms I can enjoy). Often times, melody is in the vocal line, but it's harder to have a melodic part screamed. Hence, it's part of the reason why I'm not a big fan of death/black/some-thrash metal-- the melody tends to get lost for me. The overall instrumentation tends to be too beefy to the point of muddiness in my opinion.

    But I mean, I like songs similar this one, and in this example, it's mostly screams:

    TL;DR; I'm fine with song with/without screams-- as long as I enjoy the overall melody/sound


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