Which Harry Potter book is the best in your opinion and why?


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  • I read them all in a week.. don't really remember individual books lol. But I loved when he set up the magic team for defense. Also the part where he got sorted by the hat. and the, "I promise I am up to no good" map, and basically all of harry potter

    now I want to reread them again

    • Lol. I'm rereading them now which is what spawned the question. If I'm not mistaken, those books are 5 1 and 3 in order of mention

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    • Never read it but I've heard of it

    • It is so good. I haven't read it in years, I gave my copy away.

      it is like heartbreaking though

  • Harry Potter and the philosopher's stone.
    I love how innocent the boys are and how Harry discovers a whole new world where he's happy and gets to know how it feels to be loved and cared for.
    Also because no good character dies here.


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  • Harry Potter and the chamber of dildos.


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