In the Lord of the Rings books, does Frodo also just fly home from the dark tower with Gandalf? Cos that couldve been the best way to get there too?


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  • They couldn't do that cause the all seeing eye would catch them.

    • Yeah okay... hang on, couldnt they justve flown to a safe distance and made a distraction though? Yknow, like a really, really ugly moose

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    • Yeah but the orcs at least wouldn't be able to catch them. The wraiths might, but Gandalf is pretty handy... The eye could probably see them on the ground too... its just weird how it takes 3 long films/books to get them to the end, then two scenes to get Everybody back to the Shire, in time for the dude to wake up

    • Doesn't he wake up in rivendel after Hugo weaving molested him while he was asleep?

  • Ask the frodo himself



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