Is there a correlation between artistic inspiration, creativity, and depression?

I remember back in high school I went though a time period of depression and I engulfed myself into freewriting and painting.

Despite my gloomy mentality, I made really good material. As if the mental stress I had helped me to think more critically and express powerful feelings in my writting.

As my depression went away, the inspiration to write did not, but it became harder for me to piece together deep thoughts and express them clearly. Is there a correlation between artistic inspiration, creativity, and depression??


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  • Van Gogh painted Starry Night when he was in a hospital aka the most mentally stable point of his entire life. Real sick of people saying to not seek treatment for mental health so they can get art out of you. Depression isn't deep, it's shit and it's a sickness.

    I think there is some overlap because mentally ill people just see the world in different ways, all the funniest people I know are intensely depressed, it's a coping mechanism. But you still make better art when being treated and I'm sick if this suffer or else your at isn't good bullshit.


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  • I think there is a recognised link between depression & creativity.
    Personally I'm not as capable of being productive in my lows, so I don't feel there is a set rule to that part


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  • Well there one major component that is common between all that...
    during that moment you are a level 10 passionate about how you feel... the feelings are that real
    so the expressive art is that real too...


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