Have you heard about "Prophets of Rage"?

If so, do you like the group?

It is a young group (2 years) formed by members of Rage against the machine, Audioslave, Public Enemy, and Cypress Hill.

They are a killer group! They have the good lyrics and talent but I think they still need to perfect their style.

https://youtu.be/PzAvPcM7Vw0Have you heard about "Prophets of Rage"??


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  • Not my thing but I'm willing to give it a try. Maybe recommend more bands I could give a try of this genre.

    • Did type of music may not be so appealing but it does has meaning.
      Try this song: has been stuck in my head the whole day.

    • Also try:

      Rage against the machine: wake up & killing in the name

      Public enemy: public enemy #1 (rap or anthrax version)

      Cypress hill: superstar (rock or rap version)

      You can start there and then depending on what you like let me know and I can shoe you more songs/groups.

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