Are you a musician? What do you play?

Curious to know if there's any fellow musicians here. I think a discussion could prove to show me things I don't know yet in music.


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  • I sing.

    I also can play alto saxophone, piano, and I'm learning ukulele


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  • I used to play clarinet (although I stopped awhile back), but now I play drums, guitar, bass, and a bit of piano.

    I need to work on my theory side of things more, but I believe I’ve gotten relatively proficient in drums/guitar/bass at least. In any case, I’ve been able to play prog metal and likewise write it.

    In response to your question description, I remember awhile back of having a thought that I “knew most of what I could know” as far as bass playing goes. It felt like I was hitting a point where hardly any bass songs were challenging. It took a bit of jamming with a guitarist way above my skill level at the time to show me “hey, you’re still learning.” I came to the conclusion that there is no instrument one can ever stop learning per say. That is, full mastery to the point of maximizing one’s ability is not a thing.

    New, harder guitar riffs can be made. New rhythms can be developed on drums. New grooves on bass can be slapped or whatnot. New styles are out there to explore. Likewise, chances are that there is always someone better out there in the world to aim for. I feel like coming to grips with that realization has been a humbling thought that has really helped me grow as a musician. The peaks of one’s abilities are much much higher than one imagines.


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