Thoughts about Backmasking?

Backmasking- Playing song in backwards and has satanic message. I listened to some songs and its creepy for some reasons it scares me. 😱😱😱Do you feel as if backmasking was purposely done, by the artists Or do you feel as if we are just hearing what we want to hear, when the record is played backwards? Do you think the reverse song is legit?


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  • Hmmm I've heard a lot of the entertainment industry is masking darker things. Eminem actually touched on it in one of his songs. About the "Rain Man". Making it rain is more of analogy to how you sign a deal with the "rain man" and he makes it rain for you... It's a rabbit hole that I've tumbled down. Same with different "symbols" artists put up in the sky for people to follow during concerts.

    Actually, the most recent concert I went to was Hedly, and they didn't even hide satanism. Like they were selling Hedly t-shirts that had the devil star on it with "beelzebub" in it and their name above. I found a pic:

    Anyhow, is a slippery slope when you get into religion and entertainment industry. But if you are true to yourself, it won't affect you directly. Also, most of it is more about publicity and garnering attraction and media hype and all that. Perhaps there are deeper meanings behind what the artists think is going on, but that is to be seen and understood from the heart.


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  • I feel like a lot of the backmasking is just made up.

  • The only time this happens is when bands purposely put that there as a joke to all the religious idiots who claimed it was.

    by the way, Reaction Time is hilarious. I swear Anthony is gay.

  • Learn something new everyday. Thanks!


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