I can’t remember the movie title. Help?

I keep remembering an old film I really enjoyed as a kid. I can’t remember the acting casts names though, nor what the movie is called.

It’s basically about two preteen southern boys who fall in love with a new girl who moves to their town. I remember the young girl looking as if she’s of Indian heritage. The girl in the movie always dressed really elegant & pristine.

I can remember when you first see her. The two boys notice her & her mother moving in. She’s holding a parasol blocking her face & then turns around & both boys are smitten by her beauty. I think the movie was supposed to be set in the 40s or 50s.

I only remember two lines & they said by the girl as well. The opening scene is one of the boy’s birthday party & his mom offers their new neighbors tutti-frutti. Young girl: “Very fattening, tutti-frutti. Thank you though.”

Then another scene the boys are fighting over her & they tell her to pick her one, true sweetheart. Then she yells: “Sweetheart? Now listen here, I don’t want a sweetheart. And if I did, it wouldn’t be you.”

Then towards the end, she enters the town talent show & stuns everyone with a beautiful song.

I really only remember those parts. This has been bugging me for awhile. The movie’s so old, I used to watch it on VHS & I have no clue what my mom did with those tapes either. Does this plot line sound familiar to anyone else? Or did my mind just create this all up outta nothing?


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  • Hey how are you doing? I wanted to let you know that I am a true movie man and I enjoy helping people with films. The film that your talking about is called "Children on their Birthdays" that was released on October 18, 2002 and base on Truman Capote work from 1949 published. Premise: In the Summer 1947 South of Alabama town. Two 13yr old boys (Billy Bob Murphy play by Joe Pichler & Preacher Star play by Jesse Plemons) falls in love with a 13yr old girl that have just moved into town and her name is Miss Lily Jane Bobbit played by Tania Raymonde. Lily wins the heart of the town by entering a talent show and she was on her way but sadly was kid killed when a bus had ran her over 😣 (Enjoy the movie and it's available on DVD 😉).

    • It’s such a great movie! I’ll definitely watch it again & I’ll probably cry like I did when I was young.

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    • I’ll try to watch it & cry more. Sometimes you enjoy movies more if they dig into your emotions.

    • Yes your right and to me that is the best way to watch films. 😂😊😄

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  • I feel like I know this movie, pretty I've seen it. The girl had a unique way of talking and was going to leave to be a singer or something.

    • I'm looking* I will find

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    • Omg!!! Thank you so much. I knew the birthday party had some kind of significance. Many kisses for you, good sir! 💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋

    • Thanks 😶 very happy to help 😊

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  • Is it Hollywood?

    • I don't know... I can’t remember where it was filmed. Who the director was nor the actors. I don’t even remember which small town it was set in. Which movies make up their own towns all the time.

  • Do u remember which year was it released?

    • No. I wish I could recall more details. But my mind is blank.

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    • Thanks for attempting to though. Google can’t help me either.

    • Always pleasure to help good people like you

      I guess it's a wrap here

      U can message me if you wanna talk or have something to discuss

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